Woodman Park Wellness Team Update

Last year a few staff members created a Wellness Team at WPS to schedule and implement after school and some during school staff wellness activities.  This came after the SILT team shared information from one of their monthly meetings pertaining to the Strategic Plan. Although the group was mainly for staff, it was thought that if staff were healthy and including wellness into their week, the students would benefit as well.  Many students joined in to watch the big staff games, while some classes did their own challenges (step challenges, more movement breaks, etc).  So far, as a school staff there has been school wide step challenges, yoga by a certified instructor, a book club, shared healthy recipes, attended fitness classes, weekly walks in our community, staff volleyball, kickball, basketball, tag games and this past weekend was the 3rd 5k (last year we did the Red’s Race and the Unified Sports 5k at Dover High).  The team consisted of over 15 staff plus their families from WPS attend the Seacoast Cancer 5K. There was much fun had!