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It is week 10 of remote learning. The time is flying by! As you can see, we have a few new photos on our page. Oscar and Myka report that the baby robins have all left the nest. Drew reports that she saw two groundhogs and an owl in her backyard. Collin's photos had a problem with the download process, so he has a folder with his photographs. One shows him at his koi pond. Do you think there are frogs in his pond? Here is the link to his folder: Collin's Photos.  Thank you for being patient while I figured this out.
Students, families, and staff, I made a video of the classrooms at WPS. I thought you might like to see them- even though they are empty. See if you can find your room. I do not do FaceBook, or other kinds of social media, so feel free to share this link. Song for Woodman
Thank you to Ms. Duffy, Mrs. Eastman, Mrs. Widerstrom, Mrs. Lothrop for remembering all of their fellow staff members with a wonderful treat. They also made the "Woodman Strong" sign. You are very kind to think of us! Mrs. Lothrop should open up a bakery because her food is soooo good! 
w  w                👏🙏            A big thank you to the students and families who sent us good wishes for teacher appreciation week. 
Work/Questions/Comments can be submitted to my email address: [email protected].                
Use your observation skills at home. Do you see signs that the trees are waking up? What about the other plants around your house? Let me know what you find. You can send me a sentence, drawing or photograph about your findings  [email protected]. With your parent's permission, I will post your observations under the STEM CHALLENGE section of our webpage. 
Alexander sent us some great photos with help from his brother Shawn. Thank you!  Cam and Alex found evidence of new growth. What kind of details do you observe? Things are beginning to wake up. Great job, Cam and Alex:)  Willow has a garden at her house! Myka and Oscar are growing seeds in an egg carton. Jack found buds- evidence of new growth. Jaydin found lots of evidence. Violet has a few projects that grow better (get it?) each day. Cian has great photos and a fun interview with his dad. 
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Cam, Scott, Alex
 Cam and Alex     Willow   Myka     Jack 3P   Jack 3P  Jaydin  jaydin3  jaydin4 Jaydin  jaydin violet 3   violet violet    cian Cian cain  Cam and Alex
Muppet fans will appreciate this. Cian's dad is a Muppet fan, so he interviewed Cian as Beaker, Dr. Honeydew's assistant. I am a Muppet fan too! Kermit sits in our school garden.    

Cian: This is the Magnolia tree in our front yard

Beaker: What did it look like 3 weeks ago?

Cian: There were no buds on the tree because it was too cold

Beaker: When did you start to see buds and what do you think caused them?

Cian: About 2 weeks ago.

Beaker: We then went to Weather Underground to see if there was something that happened 2 weeks ago that would have caused this.  We noticed that on April 6/7 the temperature spiked into the 60's.  

Cian:  I think the buds started budding because of the temperature.

Beaker:  So what happens next?

Cian: The flowers will start budding

Beaker:  When?

Cian: about a week.

Beaker: What could cause that to happen faster?

Cian: the temperature.  If it gets really hot it may be quicker






Colin sent these photos in. Remember how I said that I was learning how to do a lot of things? Well, I have not figured out how to get these straight yet. Colin, I promise I am looking for answers! I will fix them:) The first photo is a wasp nest and the second a bush that Colin noticed was blooming. 
I was cleaning out one of my flower boxes, and I made an interesting discovery. I found two newborn mice and a nest. Their eyes were not open yet! The mom came back to get them later. Myka and Oscar found a nest with robin's eggs! Two baby birds have hatched!  They are growing:)  May 11- This photo shows two babies in the nest. Oscar noticed that the third baby flew down to meet its mother!         
s Myka
g bird j birds
Baby mice Mouse Nest  
m1  m2  m3  cs
        o                                                  Big Brainy Maddox   BB Maddox      AliviaMaddox Burns       Cyrus  Keith  
Cyrus      Cyrus Improves  Mason  Mason       Engineer Maryanna
  • Put the date. Scientists always date their work. 
  • Use dots to organize your observations and questions. 
  • Remember to use capitals and periods for your sentences. Yes, even at home!
  • Spell the best you can- perfect spelling is not necessary right now. It is more important for you to get your thinking on the page. 
  • Include scientific drawings if you would like to. Remember to label your details. 
The Mystery Science website has science topics and lessons that you can follow at home. Check them out!  
Calling all future space scientists, engineers, and astronauts! Here are a few websites you will enjoy. NASA Kids Club-